Guide to reset Polycom VVX 500 admin password.

To Reset Password

Reboot the Polycom phone
Cancel application start-up.
Hold down these three keys [1] [3] [5]
When it asks for password enter the MAC address from the bottom of the phone. (Example MAC address- 0004F284EEFF) “note. press key 1,2,or 3 times within 1 second to get secondary and tertiary letters”.

Phone will say configuration reset and will reboot.

To Connect the Phone

Using auto provision, DHCP 66 option and configuration server

Press the Home key, Settings, Status, Network, TCP/IP Parameters

Note the IP address:   (example

Open a browser on your Computer and go to the IP address listed

   Click Admin Login, password is 456

Select the Settings TAB, Provisioning Server

Change the Server Type from FTP to HTTP

Change the Server Address to  http://(yourdomain)/epmcfg


Phone will download new instructions and reboot. Please be patient up to 5 minutes



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