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Add a Fax Number and user in FreevoicePBX

Choose new Fax number from
Select VoIP phone service
Select Phone Numbers
Choose a new number with T38 enabled (value 1)
Add to cart and Check out
Next go to (your system)
Select PBX set up
Select Extensions page
Select User to Receive FAX

Scroll down to section
Enabled? Check box
Fax Email? Enter email to receive Fax and submit

Select the Inbound Routes Page in PBX setup
Add a new route

Enter the description, DID number, and choose destination
DID Number?:
Choose Destination -> Fax Recipient
*Do not enter Caller ID Number under Route by Caller ID, leave Blank
Submit, Apply Changes.

Phone system Call Logic for Selling Leads

Lead generation is the hot new industry in telemarketing. Selling leads for health insurance, student loan debt, and mortgages is a hot and expanding rapidly in 2015. The process is simple with a few variations,but you will need a specialized call center provider that can not only hold and transfer, but create 3 way calls that allow your agent to exit and take another call while the fist cal stays on as long as it needs to and is all recorded and stored in and easy acess database.

These are the 3 processes that are used to sell leads to closers.

1. Fast Unattended Transfer
– Agent has customer on call
– Agent Transfers Caller to Closer

2 . 3 way Call to Closer
– Agent has customer on call
– Agent initiates 3 way call that rings Closer
– Agent briefs closer with customer present
– Agent leaves 3 way call

3. Private with Closer
– Agent has customer on call
– Agent hold customer and calls Closer
– Agent Picks up customer and introduces closer
– Agent leaves 3 way call

I love to talk call centers. If have any questions about call center strategies on any provider, call me between 8-5 PST at 714-499-9003. I am the trainer at Freevoice and provide unlimited support on Call Center Solution starting at $99 a month for 100 lines. Our solution will Queue inbound calls, and will place outbound calls in predictive or ratio mode when your agents are waiting.

Example Vici dialer

Guide to reset Polycom VVX 500 admin password.

To Reset Password

Reboot the Polycom phone
Cancel application start-up.
Hold down these three keys [1] [3] [5]
When it asks for password enter the MAC address from the bottom of the phone. (Example MAC address- 0004F284EEFF) “note. press key 1,2,or 3 times within 1 second to get secondary and tertiary letters”.

Phone will say configuration reset and will reboot.

To Connect the Phone

Using auto provision, DHCP 66 option and configuration server

Press the Home key, Settings, Status, Network, TCP/IP Parameters

Note the IP address:   (example

Open a browser on your Computer and go to the IP address listed

   Click Admin Login, password is 456

Select the Settings TAB, Provisioning Server

Change the Server Type from FTP to HTTP

Change the Server Address to  http://(yourdomain)/epmcfg


Phone will download new instructions and reboot. Please be patient up to 5 minutes



Find a recording in the Freevoice Dialer

Search for the recording by Lead, go to – Lists –  Search For A Lead

You may search by Vendor ID: Phone: Alt. Phone search: Lead ID: Status: List ID: User: First: Last: Lead ID: or Phone Dialed:

Search for a recording by User, Go to Users – Show Users – STATS

Set the day or week to look for the recording and view all recordings under RECORDINGS FOR THIS TIME PERIOD:

Click the URL to download the file



Freevoice Unlimited. The new way Business service works

Freevoice is an industry leader providing cloud phone system to the masses. No longer must a company sign up for the maximum amount of lines they might need, on a multi-year contract, and find a phone system vendor. Freevoice Unlimited provides the phone system features as part of the phone system . Easy to use and low cost are the two things users are looking for. Freevoice Unlimited eliminates the cost of a traditional phone tech by letting you setup and configure a phone system yourself. Creating call menus, timed actions and setting up voicemail are simple. Adding and deleting users is easy and new phone numbers are active instantly.  check out more at Freevoiceunlimited.comImage

Telemarketers give way to Robots (or do they?)

Recently there was article in the New York Times about robotic artificial intelligence placing telemarketing calls with caned responses meant to fool you into thinking you are talking to a human. Sadly,AI has not make it to the point where it can pass the Turing test. The Turing test is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.[2]. The underlying technology is simply a call center agent pushing buttons on a software soundboard to provide the perfect pitch every time, to persuade you to get more information on a product or service. If they can get you to say yes, You and your call are sold and transferred to a third party for $25-$100 depending on the subject matter. This new technology has improved response rates by mimicking local languages and dialects. Using regional dialects for the North, South, East, and West Coasts markets results in better reception and more trust by the callee’s that may be bias against other cultures. This also allows for lower cost ESL “English as a Second language” workers in the call center improving overall profitability. If your fronting call center could improve results with a perfect pitch every time, give the guys over at a call. They can get you going.