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Phone system Call Logic for Selling Leads

Lead generation is the hot new industry in telemarketing. Selling leads for health insurance, student loan debt, and mortgages is a hot and expanding rapidly in 2015. The process is simple with a few variations,but you will need a specialized call center provider that can not only hold and transfer, but create 3 way calls that allow your agent to exit and take another call while the fist cal stays on as long as it needs to and is all recorded and stored in and easy acess database.

These are the 3 processes that are used to sell leads to closers.

1. Fast Unattended Transfer
– Agent has customer on call
– Agent Transfers Caller to Closer

2 . 3 way Call to Closer
– Agent has customer on call
– Agent initiates 3 way call that rings Closer
– Agent briefs closer with customer present
– Agent leaves 3 way call

3. Private with Closer
– Agent has customer on call
– Agent hold customer and calls Closer
– Agent Picks up customer and introduces closer
– Agent leaves 3 way call

I love to talk call centers. If have any questions about call center strategies on any provider, call me between 8-5 PST at 714-499-9003. I am the trainer at Freevoice and provide unlimited support on Call Center Solution starting at $99 a month for 100 lines. Our solution will Queue inbound calls, and will place outbound calls in predictive or ratio mode when your agents are waiting.

Find a recording in the Freevoice Dialer

Search for the recording by Lead, go to – Lists –  Search For A Lead

You may search by Vendor ID: Phone: Alt. Phone search: Lead ID: Status: List ID: User: First: Last: Lead ID: or Phone Dialed:

Search for a recording by User, Go to Users – Show Users – STATS

Set the day or week to look for the recording and view all recordings under RECORDINGS FOR THIS TIME PERIOD:

Click the URL to download the file